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According to statistics motorcycles account for almost 18% of all road accidents in the UK. Approximately 60% of motorcycle accidents involve a collision with other cars, often because other road users fail to see them during overtaking manoeuvres or at road junctions. Alcohol and drugs can contribute to road accidents involving motorcycles, alongside pot holes in the road, oil spills, mechanical error, loss of control and the inexperience of the driver.


Accidents involving motorcycles can obviously cause serious injury, mainly because the rider will be either thrown from their motorcycle, leaving them vulnerable on the road, or crushed by their motorcycle - some of which can weigh up to 350kg. Broken bones, burns and spinal damage are just a few examples of the serious injuries that can be caused by accidents involving motorcycles.


To reduce your chances of being involved in a motorcycle accident, avoid overtaking on corners, keep to the legal speed limit, leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front, signal before making left or right hand turns and keep your bike in a safe condition by regular servicing. Also, you can get motorcycle driving lessons before riding to increase your driving skills and decrease the chances of having a serious accident. Always wear a helmet and protective clothing (preferably clothing made of abrasion-resistant material, such as leather). Turn your lights on while driving and wear reflective garments to increase your visibility.


The most common types of motorcycle accidents include unsafe lane changes, Drunk driving accidents, Left turn collisions, Head-on collisions, Rear-end collisions, Multi-vehicle accidents, Single-vehicle accidents, Broadside collisions, Accidents from defective motorcycle or auto parts, Accidents involving drivers who are speeding or racing, Motorcycle-truck accidents, Red light and intersection accidents, Parking lot accidents.


If you have been injured in a Motorbike accident and it was not your fault, you are eligible to claim compensation. Accident Claims Helpline can help make your claim as easy and simple as possible.





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Accident Claims Helpline - Motorcycle accidents

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This article was published on 2010/09/19