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Accidents can be nerve-racking and traumatizing experiences. Besides the physical and emotional stress that goes along with an automobile accident, there are medical, auto repair, and possibly other bills. Expenses are not something you want to think about when recovering from an accident injury, and either is deciding on a lawyer. The first step is to decide if your accident requires a lawyer.

Information about the accident such as where and how it happened are very important. If possible, the first thing you should do after an auto accident is to take pictures and write down notes. Important factors include names, insurance, car types, weather, location, and anything else you think is relevant. This information is very useful if you are questioning whether you need an accident lawyer. Normally, most lawyers wont charge you for a consultation, and reviewing any evidence you have will help them decide whether you have a case or not.

Most auto accidents happen because of the negligence or one of the drivers. Negligence is roughly defined as behavior that a reasonable person would not do and which exposes another person to the risk of harm. An extreme example of this would be driving while drunk. A reasonable person would not drive drunk because they know they are putting themselves and others in danger.

If you think that the person who committed the accident is negligent then you definitely need a lawyer to claim that the person was wrong and also claim for compensation for medical bills, vehicle damage and pain and suffering.

In Portland you can find many well-respected accident lawyers. These lawyers will work to help you o recover adequate financial compensation, especially if you have high medical bills and automobile damage. If youre residing in or near the Portland area and are looking for the accident lawyer, then the following link may help you to do so. One last thing -- choose an experienced lawyer because while an accident case might be new to you, an experience lawyer will have already won many of these. Choose wisely!
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Accidents Lawyers Portland

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This article was published on 2010/10/14