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According to a research, there are more than 80% drivers who do not know the general knowledge of first-aid. Accordingly, people will lose their heads when coming into a car accident or other emergent situations and can not save themselves because they miss the best timing. Relevant experts also remind us that, there is a good chance that driving injuries and deaths will reduce a lot if people can master certain knowledge about driving aids and prepare a survival kit beforehand. Below we will introduce you some knowledge about driving aids which is of great importance.
First of all, preparation for the survival kit in the car. Experts remind the drivers that they should keep a survival kit in their cars which should basically contain following things: first of all, a note which has the driver's name, age, blood type, important medical history, information he or she is allergic to which kinds of drugs, the family address and telephone number. Secondly, first aids tools such as tourniquet and sponges, injector, scissors, tweezers and water for cleaning the wounds. At the same time, for drivers who have heart diseases, it is also very important they should keep some medicine inside their cars.
Secondly, the basic steps of self rescue. When the accident happens, drivers should stay calm and proceed self rescue as following ways, call the police and rescue center right away when the accident happens and then try best to let the rescuers know the detailed information of the accident such as the location of the accident, the wounded number and the situation of the wounds. Before the rescuers come, they should also go ahead to do some self help treatment to relieve the injuries or postpone the time of life.
Thirdly, how to rescue oneself and save others: first, when people are squeezed inside the car, they should try hard to get. If they cannot do it, they should wait for the rescuers and people should not force to make themselves or others out. Second, when being injured, people should stay still where they are and cannot move their bodies in case injuries more severe might be caused. Third, people should stop bleeding as soon as possible and well make use of materials nearby such as clothes to bind up the wounds and stop the blood. Fourth, once someone stops breathing, other people around should give the wounded rescue breath to save his or her life.

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Knowledge about Driving Aids

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This article was published on 2010/10/20