Planning Right For a Car Accident Claim

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If you've been the victim of a car accident, it can be very easy to blame your luck or 'higher powers' for the mishap. Car accidents are quite unfortunate, and once things have settled you will mostly want to file a compensation claim for the damage caused to you and all that you've suffered. However, what most victims fail to realize is that hundreds of accidents happen everyday and as many claims are filed too. At such times it takes a lot of planning on your part to make a successful claim. And the first step to do this is to understand that your car accident is unique, since the damage caused by it is unique and the implications of the damage - to you, your family, your career, friends are also unique.

Firstly find a solicitor who understands this uniqueness. Thus, you may not be well served by generic personal injury firms that will arrive at a figure for a lost arm or another for a fractured leg. What you want is a solicitor who can deal with compensation claims in the case of car accidents.

Secondly, evidence is crucial. Car accident claims are made and broken on the basis of evidence, which you can collect from the scene of the accident, preferably immediately after it has happened. Take pictures, record statements from the cops, other witnesses, take down the driver's license number, car's registration number, the make and model. Although it may sound ridiculous to be going around doing this after an accident, but at least get on to it once everyone's safety has been secured.

Thirdly, clarify things with you r solicitor. Ensure you ask about important points, like will you get to keep 100% of the compensation? What the solicitor's fees would be, and very importantly, if you will have to pay any money to anyone once you've received the compensation.

Fourthly, in cases where you were a passenger in the car and were injured due to the accident, you should make a claim. Passengers making claims will mostly be compensated, since they're presumed to have no responsibility in the accident. They're pure victims and thus deserve to get compensated. However, if you were violating any traffic rules as a passenger - let's say you weren't wearing the seat belt or you knew the driver was drunk or a minor or without license and you still let him drive -- then the compensation is reduced by some measure.

Also, don't let family or friendship or 'good relations' hold you back from making a claim. The driver has car insurance and accident insurance to cover him in such situations. There's no reason why you should suffer for no fault of your own. And there's definitely no reason why you should end up paying for something you were not responsible for.

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Planning Right For a Car Accident Claim

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This article was published on 2010/03/26